• WELCOME to DC PhotoGraphics!

    Thanks for checking out the site!

    Photography is my passion, hence why I enjoy shooting people!

    Photography captures a moment that is already gone, a memory that would otherwise be already forgotten. In 1/60th of a second the shutter caught that breath, that thought, that idea before you blinked... and we captured it on camera.

    Photography allows us to see more than what we usually see in a given moment, even after taking some photos I later find details and "little things" that I did not know were on my frame. It is discovering and re-living that moment all over again!

    Either by just freezing that moment in time or by recreating moments, we will both share a great and fun experience during our sessions.

    Visit my blog and let's get together to take some great photos!
    Let me shoot you!

    Dan Cunico
    DC PhotoGraphics

Site Release

I T   I S   T I M E !!!

Finally the moment where DC PhotoGraphics begins it’s official journey!
Today Friday May 10, 2013 my business is born and with it, my commitment to CAPTURING LIFE one shot at a time.

Thanks to all of you that helped me getting this far already, your support, love and unbiased friendship helped me follow my dream and share my images with you along the years. Even in the last few weeks, when I bombarded everyone with the new photo additions, you always supported and followed me either in person or with your FB likes, showing me your amazingness and it is greatly appreciated and valued!! (you know I have to make up words!)

As I continue to grow this site, please do not forget that I will also maintain both FaceBook and www.dancunico.com up to date.

Within the upcoming days, I will be posting limited promotional offers to go along with the site release, so stay tuned!

Much love,

DC PhotoGraphics

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Tim’s PhotoShoot

Late Friday Night shooting. After a long day of work, Tim put his outfit changes together and headed to DC PhotoGraphics for his session. Business, Casual, Fun and Editorial looks were in the agenda. Blowing up the BeautyDish and some impromptu shots, his gallery shows his not yet explored modeling skills.  

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Dan’s PhotoShoot

It is all about the moment, shoot and “get shot.” On and off Aaron and I took turns with the camera, aiming, setting the shot, trying the light. BeautyDish and speedlights, backdrops and silliness, a mix of quick rapid shots and checking the camera. Going for commercial/editorial style you can check out Aaron’s photographic skills.


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Aaron’s PhotoShoot

Aaron is a super-talented hairstylist. We wanted to not only show his skills with the shears but also a different look that is not typically his every-day style. Doing some usual headshots and moving into a bit more relaxed and playful looks, he opened up for the camera and we got some great photos. He even got to see not only how his shots were coming out but what was like to be on the other side, he fired some cool shots… at me!



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Rae’s PhotoShoot

Last minute photoshoot! Saturday mid afternoon, the rain ruined our chances to go with the planned outdoor shooting. Bringing half her wardrobe over and a whole bunch of jewelry we started to accessorize Rae and warm up for the shoot. From business to casual to super model, the photos show Rae’s personality and her modeling skills to the music of Rihanna and Britney!

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