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Ella Grace

So much fun taking Ella’s pictures today! Working with babies can be unpredictable at times, as they may just not be in the mood for a photo session, but with some patience and letting us know when she was ready, we were able to capture this baby as she turned 1 month new!

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Alina’s fun Halloween Session

Alina just turned two, wow this princess is full of energy! Although mommy wanted to take some pics on some Halloween costumes, Alina had her own ideas of what she wanted o wear! We had a blast during this session, and she even gave some time to Erika for her own pictures! So much fun!

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Erika’s PhotoSession

After Alina had time for a break and refuel for her next shoot, we had a chance to take some pictures of her mommy, Erika. Within a few minutes, Erika was posing and showing her smiles for the camera. First time posing for the camera, Erika was great and posed like a model! This is […]

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Bee’s Session

I’ve known Bee for the last three plus years. Bee has an office look and demeanor but you can also find her, outside of work, rocking some Harley Davidson glam and you would not even know it is the same person you saw earlier in the day at the office. Always fun to hang out with and a […]

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