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The cost of professional photography.

It took me a while to get to the point of determining what should I charge per photo or session. At the same time, I’ve done much research to check the local Orlando market just to find out that, like any form of art, each individual photographer has their own set of prices. Either posted or not, these can range from a couple hundred dollars to over thousands depending on experience, equipment, talent and reputation of each photographer.

When a photographer charges a fee for any “package”, the charge is not just for the “session” alone, but for the entire production that takes place before and after the photoshoot. The initial meeting or discussion, the time spent together consulting, creating a vision, driving to and from the location where the photoshoot will take place, doing the actual shoot, the time spent in post-processing (this is today’s version of -developing pictures- and doing edits and retouch) and of course, in addition, factoring the cost of equipment, maintenance and amortization of these electronics.

Just as an example, of a 90 minute photoshoot:

  • Initial consultation and paperwork: anywhere between 30 -60 minutes.
  • Equipment/props check: 45-60 minutes, this includes not only equipment setup but props. if applicable.
  • Travel time: 60-90 minutes – to/from location.
  • Set-up time: usually around 30 minutes. Including equipment and any props/outfits.
  • Session: 90-120 minutes photographing subject.
  • Download images: 30-60 minutes gathering raw images from camera to computer.
  • Developing: 60-90 minutes (depending on job) editing images and making first round selection for best photos.
  • Post-consultation with client: 30-60 minutes making final selections.
  • Post-production: 4-6 hours to edit photos and prepare 5-10 final editorial type photographs.
  • Additional communications: 60 minutes for any inquiries in the meantime, email, forms, phones.

Based on this example, it would take anywhere between 11 to 16 hrs for a professional photographer to provide a final product to the client for a session that only took 90 minutes to shoot. Also, please understand that I usually take anywhere between 200 to 350 shots on each session. Smaller differences in fractions of a second could make or break a photograph, so you do want your photographer to pay specific attention to every detail in each photo!

I do take pride on my work and I know that you as a client will be satisfied with the results. Any photographer that does not take his/her time to look in detail each picture taken is not a photographer you should look into hiring!

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