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    Photography is my passion, hence why I enjoy shooting people!

    Photography captures a moment that is already gone, a memory that would otherwise be already forgotten. In 1/60th of a second the shutter caught that breath, that thought, that idea before you blinked... and we captured it on camera.

    Photography allows us to see more than what we usually see in a given moment, even after taking some photos I later find details and "little things" that I did not know were on my frame. It is discovering and re-living that moment all over again!

    Either by just freezing that moment in time or by recreating moments, we will both share a great and fun experience during our sessions.

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    Dan Cunico
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Baby Maya – 2 months new!

This is the second time I see Maya during her first 2 months. She is such a little princess! This second time around, we took some great pictures as she quietly posed for the camera (much better than the first time that she wasn’t ready for us!.) This beautiful princess carries around a team of 4 to make sure her hair, makeup and wardrobe changes all work seamlessly! A joy to work with!

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